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Psychodynamic Therapy

This approach stresses the importance of the unconscious and past experience and how they affect current behaviour.  The client is encouraged to talk about childhood relationships with parents and other significant people.

Counselling tod ela with childhood trauma

Emphasis is made to ensure that the therapeutic environment is conducive to self expression and trust, with the emphasis placed on the relationship between client and therapist.

Psychodynamic therapy uses the basic assumption that everyone has an unconscious mind (the subconscious), and that feelings held in the unconscious mind are often too painful to be faced. Therefore, we come up with defences to protect us knowing about these painful feelings. An example of one of these defences is called denial, the therapy assumes that these defences have gone wrong and are causing more harm than good.

It tries to unravel them, as once again, it is assumed that once you are aware of what is really going on in your mind the feelings will not be as painful. 

Psychodynamic therapy is a general name for therapeutic approaches which try to get the patient to bring to the surface their true feelings, so that they can experience them and understand them.

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Written by : Christine Baird

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