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Person Centred Therapy

The person-centred approach maintains that three core conditions provide a climate conducive to growth and therapeutic change. They contrast starkly with those conditions believed to be responsible for psychological disturbance. The core conditions are:

•    Unconditional positive regardDepression-Anxiety-Therapy
•    Empathic understanding
•    Congruence

‘Unconditional positive regard means that the counsellor accepts the client unconditionally and non-judgementally. The client is free to explore all thoughts and feelings, positive or negative, without danger of rejection or condemnation. Empathic understanding means that the counsellor accurately understands the client’s thoughts, feelings, and meanings from the client’s own perspective.  Finally, congruence means that the counsellor is authentic and genuine. Together, these three core conditions are believed to enable the client to develop and grow in their own way, to strengthen and expand their own identity and to become the person that they ‘really’ are independently of the pressures of others to act or think in particular ways.

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Written by : Christine Baird

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